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We-Go Missions
We-Go Missions has translated the IBS courses into the Russian language and can help you with questions in this language.
Contact: Max Goins
Website: http://www.we-GoMissions.com

White Fields
This web site has questions specifically for Muslim students. White Fields Overseas Evangelism has used the IBS program as teaching tool in 22 countries throughout the world. They also provide free devotions, tracts and commentaries for further study.
Contact: Reggie Thomas
Website: http://white-fields.org

American Rehabilitation Ministries
YOU CAN FIND THE IBS LESSONS IN SPANISH ON THIS SITE. (American Bible Academy and Resource Center is a part of American Rehabilitation Ministries.) On this website you will find additional free Bible study courses and books. There are also resources in Russian and German. Excellent source for continuing studies.
Contact: Joe Garman
Website: http://www.abarc.org

Reggie Thomas
Here you will find additional free study resources and links to more advanced Bible study sources.
Contact: Reggie Thomas
Website: http://www.reggiethomas.com

Institue for Christian Resources
These are resources that address real world problems including family issues, social concerns and church leadership needs.
Contact: Willard Black
Website: http://www.icrnet.org

Literature and Teaching Ministries
LATM has a catalog of 244 Christian books printed in 41 different langages.
Contact: Phil Casey
Website: http://www.latm.info