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Will I receive a certificate after I complete a IBS course?
Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion after each course.

What is the mission statement of IBS?
The mission of IBS is to educate and equip people who are seeking a better understanding of God and His will for their lives through study of the Scriptures. We are here to serve you in your quest for more knowledge of the Word of God and a deeper faith in His promises. We desire to assist you in developing a more intimate relationship with Him each day.

Is IBS flexible enough to fit my busy schedule?
Yes. IBS offers you the option and flexibility of studying when and where you want. Our desire is to be accommodating but also to encourage you in your spiritual walk. The IBS teacher may contact you on occasion with a note of encouragement and a reminder that he or she is here to assist you.

How long do I have to complete an IBS Course?
Some IBS students finish several lessons in a single day. Others only complete one lesson per week. You may want to have a goal of reading and studying one lesson each day. This will help you develop a regular daily Bible study habit.and encourage you to set aside time to focus on your spiritual needs and development. Waiting more than a few days between study times puts you at risk of forgetting the material presented in the previous lesson. Secondly, this allows you time think and pray about the Scriptures that you read. It will allow you time to meditate on how the truths presented in the lesson should effect your life. Remember that Christianity is about a daily relationship with Jesus.

What does it cost to enroll in IBS?
All IBS lessons are free of charge to all students. There are no hidden costs or fees. NO donations are requested or solicited at any time.

What if I want to make a donation to IBS? Can I?
Yes. IBS thankfully accepts donations. See the Contact Us page for information on making a donation.

Who are the IBS teachers?
IBS teachers are Christians from around the world who volunteer their time to share their biblical knowledge and understanding with others. Regardless of where they live, the teachers all share one thing in common - a deep love for God and a strong faith in the Bible as the Word of God.

May I ask questions about the Bible?
Yes. IBS teachers encourage you to ask questions about the Bible and spiritual matters and we pledge to help you find the answers to those questions from the Scriptures.

Are the IBS lessons available in print? How much do they cost?
Yes. The IBS lessons are available in a printed version. The Bible study correspondence courses are FREE of charge.

May I share these lessons with a group of friends?
Yes. We encourage you to share the lessons with your friends. You may print and copy as many lessons as you like. You may also request a set of printed courses for your group to study. Please notify the IBS office of the number of study booklets needed and the postal mailing address. The group will be assigned to a teacher. The quiz answers may be submitted to the teacher via postal mail or over the web.

Does IBS offer any advanced courses?
Yes, IBS offers several advanced courses on a variety of topics. Ask your IBS teacher about the advanced options that are available to you.

Is IBS an accredited institution? Do you offer a college degree?
No, IBS is not an accredited institution nor does it offer a college degree. The IBS courses are designed to assist you in developing a greater knowledge of the Bible, a deeper understanding of God and His will and a more committed faith in His promises. While we do not offer degrees, IBS is proud to provide you with a certificate of completion for each course.

What is the IBS doctrinal statement?
The teachers and administrative workers of IBS believe that the Bible is from God and should be our only source of religious instruction. We have no creed, but Christ. We have no "doctrinal statement of faith,"except the New Testament. The message of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, points us to faith, love and grace from God through His Son, Jesus. We believe that salvation is found in no other name but Jesus and by following His teachings, those of His apostles and the other writers of the New Testament, you can be part of God's family.